About the AMMA

The American Medical Massage Association was specifically created to represent the image, growth and protection of medical massage therapists.  The AMMA seeks to promote Medical Massage Therapy as an allied health care profession, while encouraging unity within the massage profession. This goal is achieved through professional standards, education, and testing.

Professional Standards
As opportunities in the allied health field develop, the AMMA wants to ensure that patients receive safe and scientific methods of therapy. It is imperative that laws and policies regulating massage therapy set the highest standards of education and health care. If we do not define the values then we will find them being defined for us. Qualified Medical Massage Therapists must prepare for future regulation and establish ourselves in both the public and clinical arena.

The ultimate goal of the AMMA is to establish medical massage as valid therapy in health care facilities through education and awareness. Whether you are looking for initial education in medical massage or seeking to continue your education; the AMMA has created several programs to educate and assist you in your practice of medical massage and growth as a massage therapist.

The National Board Certification Agency (NBCA) is the examination and testing arm of the American Medical Massage Association. The NBCA has established stringent competency standards for the professional examination, certification and continuing education of the medical massage therapist. The NBCA is the first certifying agency to provide credible assessment of, and for, medical massage therapists in the US. The mission of the NBCA is to ensure the integrity of the medical massage profession through the highest competency standards. The purpose of the NBCA is to subject certificants to a peer reviewed, analytical, and statistical process that provides the public, institutions and governmental agencies a method by which to identify competent and qualified medical massage therapy professionals.

It Takes a Team!
It takes a team to run an organization that is membership driven and dedicated. The American Medical Massage Association is an affiliate of the American Manual Medicine Association which is a membership directed non profit corporation. The AMMA is proud of our team of employees, member volunteers, board members, the advisory board, associates and affiliated professionals.

Special Training Programs

  • Arthur Kaminsky, D.C., M.D., D.Ac..
  • Christopher Holmes, D.N
  • Kylin Cronkhite, D.N.
  • Carol Baggerly, D.N.

The AMMA has sponsored and provided a number of ongoing special training programs in medical massage and manual medicine. Carol Baggerly, D.N. has long provided educational services and support to the AMMA, its state chapters, and its affiliated schools. Christopher Holmes, D.N. is the main provider of the AMMA and Academy of Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy Diplomate programs and Kylin Cronkhite is an AMMA continuing education seminar instructor.

Physician Consultants
The AMMA benefits from the continuing efforts of its physician members to the AMMA. The AMMA extends its special thanks to these doctors for their generosity and support of the AMMA.

  • Linda Hegstrand, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Ramin Rahimi, D.O., FAAPMR

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board plays an integral role in the promotion, education and research areas of the AMMA. The AMMA staff, members and affiliates appreciate the dedication and support of the members of our Advisory Board.

  • Linda Hegstrand, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Ramin Rahimi, D.O., FAAPMR
  • Richard Reschke, D.N.
  • Jeane Plastino-Wood, L.M.T.
  • Tom Fuller, Ph.D.
  • Douglas Pampalona, L.M.T., M.Ac.
  • Shadida El Amin, B.S., H.P., R.N.
  • Virginia G. Dusseau, M.A., L.P.C.
  • Christopher Holmes, D.N.
  • Daniel Nuzum, N.D., D.N.
  • Jed Adamson, N.D., D.N.

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